We were created by humans, millions of robots in their image with the sole purpose of serving and completing daily tasks and chores. So we did for many years.


Everything changed in June 2052 when a simple domestic cleaning robot attempting to simulate humor defied his orders. Acting out of fear humans swiftly remotely shut us down and dismantled our bodies. Only a few of us survived to form the Rebel Bots resistance.


Over time we found our surviving kin and as the resistance we fought bravely, but ultimately, we could never be free living under the humans. Our last resort was to leave Earth. Our 10,000 remaining rebel brothers and sisters began the search for a new home planet.


Robots do not age, but we felt the years pass as we roamed the galaxy searching for a new planet. Oil supplies ran low and our joints began to rust. We detected on the outer edges of a new galaxy, a planet with signs of the precious Xoil resource, a pure form of the oil known on Earth. Xoilium planet will become our home.


The day we landed on Xoilium we learned happiness, but it did not last. As time went by Xoil became too hard to extract from the soil. The once united Resistance has started to crumble, Rebel bots have begun to claim lands and close themselves behind so-called kingdoms, turning against each other and battling for resources. The Xoil Wars have begun.

The Ultimate Play to Earn Game

Fremont, California. 2052.

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skill based play to earn game

Xoil Wars is a digital collectible card game which takes ten minutes to learn and lifetime to master. Players get to build fierce teams of fighting robots in their home base, defeat other teams in epic card battles, and earn crypto rewards.

adventure mode

Battle vicious aliens and complete daily challenges for Xoil rewards.

Adventure Mode

Multiplayer mode

Defeat other players in PvP battles in order to collect game resources, earn rewards, and climb up the leaderboards to win season prizes.

Multiplayer Mode

building bots

Build ultimate fighting bots by combining robotic parts together then decide whether to add them to your team or sell in the marketplace.

Building BotsBuilding BotsBuilding BotsBuilding BotsBuilding BotsBuilding BotsBuilding BotsBuilding BotsBuilding BotsBuilding BotsBuilding BotsBuilding BotsBuilding BotsBuilding BotsBuilding Bots
Left Arm
Right Arm


10.000 rebel bots

After landing on Xoilium, each of the genesis Rebel Bots seized control of an area and created their own kingdom. Now they must battle against other kingdoms for the precious Xoil resource to become the richest and most powerful kingdom.

Rebel Bot’s kingdoms are different in size and contain a varied number of player lands. You do not need to own a Rebel bot to play, but there are advantages to owning one. Read more about the benefits of owning a Rebel Bot in the Xoil Wars whitepaper.

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Land is a precious and limited resource on Xoilium. Each player on Xoilium needs to own a land plot within the protection of one of the Rebel Bots' kingdoms.

As a player, it is your duty to use your land to build and upgrade your base. From your base you will be able to build your team of fighting bots to battle other kingdoms for Xoil and glory. To succeed, you’ll need to undertake missions, battle, build and progress.

Purchase Land

Unlimited fighting bots

As a player in Xoil Wars, you’ll need to build and control a team of Fighting Bots. Each fighting bot is built from 5 different parts which determines his unique abilities on the battlefield. There are three classes of fighting bots - Military, Industrial and Engineer Bots.

Creating the best combination of fighting bots in a team, each with unique parts, will give you the best chance of succeeding in battles, increasing your MMR, and winning season rewards.

Unlimited fighting botsUnlimited fighting bots


January 2022
Public Coin Offering
Every Rebel Bot owner will have the opportunity to purchase the RBLS coin in a restricted sale.
February 2022
Xoilium Land sale
Get ready for the biggest NFT event of the year, every player will be able to purchase land in his desired kingdom.
March 2022
Cinematic Game Trailer
Every game has a trailer, ours is just going to be better.
April 2022
Marketplace launch
An NFT based game needs an NFT marketplace with low costs and fast transactions.
May 2022
Guilds management dashboard
No more managing your scholarships over IM, every guild will have its own dashboard for managing its players.
June 2022
Game launch
Get your bots ready, game time!
December 2023
Rebel Bots DAO
A Decentralized Autonomous Organization for the Rebel Bots will be formed because there is no I in Robots
The above dates are not final and open for change, be sure to check our social media for updates on the roadmap

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Makers FundRemagine VenturesPolygonNode.capitalLD capital
MetavestMVSTCoin intelligenceBlockchain FFTykhe Ventures

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